Umm Qasr Port – Iraq

Port Location

Latitude : 30 Deg 02 N
Longitude : 47 Deg 57 N
Admiralty Chart : 1235 Khawr Abdallah and appr. to Shatt Al Arab1228 Umm Qasr, Az Zubayr and approaches.
Admiralty Pilot : 63
Time Zone : GMT + (Plus) 3 Hrs
Port security Level : Not implemented
Authority : Iraq Port Authority


The port is situated at the South end of the Khor Al Zubair where it joins the Khor Abdullah.The sea approach to Umm qasr is some 103 Km in length along the Khor Abdullah, commencing in deep waters off the Persian Gulf near the mouth of Shatt Al Arab.

Check Point

Vehicles bound for or departing from Iraqi ports and offshore oil terminals must pass within a five nautical mile radius of Lat 29 35 N & Long 48 53 E. Approaching vessels must contact the Marine Security Force Commander on Marine VHF (Bridge to Bridge) radio telephone, Channel 16 within five nautical miles of this point and be prepared to respond to MSF Queries.

Draft Restriction

11 Mtrs SW as per IPA Verbal information.All vessels calling Umm Qasr port will require a pilot for channel passage to berth.The present pilot station is at Buoy No 21.


Lat 29 Deg 44.00 N, Long 48 Deg 40.00 E

Vessels calling Umm qasr and Khor al Zubayr are waiting on the vicinity closer b/w Buoy No.2 and Buoy No.3. Once Sea pilot boarding is confirmed, then vessel can proceed to the inner channel at the pilot station with co-ordinates for Pilot boarding Lat 29 Deg 42.12 N, Long 48 Deg 41.00 E.

Channel Pilot guide vessel upto Umm qasr port Inner anchorage.

Harbour Pilot guide vessels upto Umm qasr berths.


Port Control – Channel 16, 12 & 08

Tugs & Pilot – Channel 12, Position closer to Buoy 2 near Al Basra Oil Terminal

Tidal Range – 3.0 to 4.0 M

Dock Density – 1025

Pilotage commences off the entrance to the Shatt-al-Arab waterway, the channel to Umm qasr which is well-lit and both wide and deep enough to allow vessels drawing up to 11m to Transit across either of the day’s two High tides.

Usual Pilot Boarding – Early Hours for transit to Umm qasr port. Un-berthing usually prior 1800 hrs.


The river or sea pilots are controlled by IPA out of Basra and not at Umm qasr port.Pilots are available in various Buoy locations at anchorage and boarding subject to berth availability & instruction from Port control. For un-berthing, Pilots are mobilized from Basra upon completion of necessary formalities.


The Iraqi Port Authority (IPA) is solely responsible for the tariff, including determination of cost.

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